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Creating your profile

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  2. Once logged in click “Create profile” at the top of the page
  3. The first thing to do is upload a nice profile picture. It may take a while to load, so don’t worry if the default picture doesn’t change instantly, it is being uploaded. If you don’t upload a profile picture, you will be left with the default one that you can see when you login.
  4. Now it’s time to fill out your profile. It’s very important you change the name field straight away as it will have your system username there. Also, don’t forget to set your hourly rate, and enter the city that you live and work in.
  5. All the fields required are quite straight forward, but there are two fields which you might need you to think about. Short description up to 180 characters – this is just a headline, so don’t get too detailed. If you’re an English native speaker in Rome and you offer a first free lesson, then a simple ‘Native Speaker from England in Rome. First Lesson Free’ is enough to make things clear. Under that field you will see “Describe yourself and your teaching style – here you can be more detailed, but don’t go too crazy. We find the profiles that get the most action are the ones that mention the follow. About you, your teacher experience, how you teach, what lessons you offer, and any details about travelling to students or them coming to you.
  6. Click accept terms of service and click Update profile.
  7. Your profile is now complete. Your profile will be manually checked and if anything is OK, it will be approved and then be visible on the website and to students in your area.
  8. Profiles are FREE, but if you want your profile to show higher in the list of teachers and display more of your contact details, you can pay for these details to be shown by clicking ‘Pay for extra information’ and following the payment steps.


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