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The below terms of service apply to all using NativeSpeaker.it including schools, teachers, and potential students and users of the website. NativeSpeaker.it has the right to change or modify these conditions at any time.

1. Purpose of the site

The purpose of NativeSpeaker.it is to advertise jobs in the specified country of Italy and connect teachers who are working it Italy and/or online to students or businesses in said country who are looking for a teacher, tutor, or ‘Native Speaker’ to use or improve their English language or language service.

2. Registration, access and termination

All registrations take place on www.nativespeaker.it and you must be 18 years of age in order to register for an account. All profiles will be approved before showing on the website. All information you provide must be accurate and not misleading in any way. You have the right to terminate your account at any time and this can be done by emailing the admin at [email protected] from the email connected to your account with the subject ‘DELETE MY ACCOUNT” your account and all its data including any pictures uploaded will be permanently removed from the server and will not be able to be recovered. NativeSpeaker.it has the right to remove or not approve any accounts that are seen as misleading or as spam at any time.

3. Students/users and Teacher & School

NativeSpeaker.it simply acts as a middleman by connecting students directly with teachers. All work carried out by the teacher and student must be done directly and has no involvement from NativeSpeaker.it. All money transfers and tax payments must be done between the teacher and student.NativeSpeaker.it has no involvement in any payment processes between a teacher or student.  NativeSpeaker.it cannot be held responsible for emails a teacher, school, or student might receive. All messages sent by potential students or website users will go to the teacher’s or school’s email address that is connected to their account directly and therefore NativeSpeaker.it cannot monitor emails sent and cannot be held responsible for the content of the email.  A potential student or website user takes full responsibility for any contact they make to the teacher or school including any attachments attached related to applying to a job advert  that is registered on the website.

4. School job adverts

NativeSpeaker.it advertises jobs that are submitted by schools. In order to submit a job post a school must first create a profile. All information must be correct and not misleading. NativeSpeaker.it will post exactly what is submitted. If there are errors or mistakes, then this can be amended in the school’s profile. NativeSpeaker.it provides direct contact to the school from a website user and therefore cannot monitor any emails sent. Schools take the responsibility to deal with emails and attachments that have been sent by any potential teacher or web user on  NativeSpeaker.it. NativeSpeaker.it does not have any involvement in the recruitment process of any job and simply connects a website user to the vacancy advertised by the school.  The school takes full responsibility for the recruitment of any jobs listed.

5. Payments

Payments for upgraded profiles and job posts are made via PayPal. All deliveries are digital. If you are unhappy with your upgraded profile after 5 days of purchasing, you can request a refund. Special Teacher placements and job posts are non-refundable.

6. Upgraded Profiles and Job posts

Paying to have an upgraded profile, including a special teacher placement, does not guarantee you to get more potential students/web users contact you, but it does place your profile higher in the profile list as well as giving you an advantage over others by displaying more ways a potential student can contact you. Just like paid profiles, paid job adverts do not guarantee applicants.

7 Responsibility

NativeSpeaker.it acts as a middleman where all contact via the website goes directly to the teacher or school. It cannot be held responsible for what content is sent. The school and teacher take full responsibility of all contact sent via the website. NativeSpeaker.it can also not be held responsible for the content of a school or teacher’s profile. All information that is placed on a profile is the responsibility of teacher and school.  NativeSpeaker.it can also not be held responsible for an external links that are displayed that are provided by a teacher or school.

8 Problems and Deletion of account

If any registered member or web user has concerns with anything they have seen on the website www.nativespeaker.it then they should contact an admin. Admins can be contacted using the contact form at the bottom of each page or emails can be sent directly to [email protected] In the event you would like to delete your profile and all its contact you can do this by sending an email from the account’s email to [email protected] with the subject DELETE MY ACCOUNT

9. Data

NativeSpeaker.it does in no way collect your data or sell your data and has no intention to ever do so. All data you provide for your profile and job advert will be visible to anyone using the website www.NativeSpeaker.it and by providing that information you are agreeing that anyone who visits the website has the right to see this data and that may lead to them using for other purposes. All non-visible data is secure and will never be shared with a third-party. NativeSpeaker.it does have maintenance work carried out by a third-party and therefore any non-visable data might be accessed for the purpose of testing only.

By using the website www.nativespeaker.it You are agreeing to all of the above terms of service.

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