Languages United
Languages United
City : Naples
Region : Campania
Country : Italy
Positions : 4
Average hours : 4 hours
Qualification : TESOL
Experience : 1 year
Children : No
Teenagers : Yes
Adult : Yes
Native speaker : Doesn't matter

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German, English, and Russian speakers for speaking clubs

We are looking for a teachers or speakers of German, English, and Russian to run speaking clubs at the weekend for our students. Our students usual study on a course throughout the week and at the weekends we offer free speaking clubs for them between 8am – 1pm Each speaking club is one hour long and divided by level. The person, ideally a native speaker, we are looking for should have some experience of running speaking clubs before and should be able to prepare topics for this club on their own.

There is no real structure, we just want our students to speak as much as possible, so topics should be interesting enough to make the students engaged.

The speaking clubs are mixed level. 

About School

We are a small family-run school in Naples. We have been operating for over 10 years and we have a solid number of students who return each year. We teach all ages from children to adults and prepare students for Cambridge exams. We also offer in-company classes to companies in the city.

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Viale Monza 158, 20127 Milan Italy

Phone : +380-930-40-42-45


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