Rosanna A.

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

25  EUR/h

Language : English,Italian
Location : Italy
Region : Lombardia
City : Milan
Web :
Phone : 94xxxxxxxx
Email : [email protected]
does online lessons
does work during weekends

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I'm a globe trotter, a citizen of the world. I'm passionate about geography, ecology, travel, and of course foreign languages!

I'm a multipotential professional and besides my training, there are years spent traveling around the world. I am able to relate to people of different ages and backgrounds. I used my language skills (English and French) for hospitality jobs in Australia and India. I worked in Malta and New York as a group leader in bilingual language (Italian-English); in Namibia, Vietnam, and Nepal as an Italian-English tour leader and interpreter, and vice versa. In Indonesia, Vietnam, and India I taught English to children, adolescents, and university students, in villages, in schools, and at home. In Italy, I worked for a British School, in Spain as an educator and teacher of workshops in English, deepening the knowledge of the Spanish language I started studying previously.
I am able to provide lessons tailored to the student's level and interests because in order to learn a language, or in general a difficult subject, it is necessary to be interested and involved. The important thing is also to understand what the student's goals are and make sure that he or she can achieve them as lightly as possible.

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Viale Monza 158, 20127 Milan Italy

Phone : +380-930-40-42-45


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